Day 153

Today I smiled because:

  • I managed to buy tickets for Sigur Rós’ concert in Antwerp this summer. I still can’t believe I’m going to see Sigur Rós. Live.
  • Fun with Iz and little umbrella’s and cake and faces and a friend and… at de Dikke Kat, of course.
  • Trying new things, like going to Prometheus, a movie I would normally just despise. It wasn’t that bad, actually.
  • I went to an art school, where the work of students was being exhibited. I was very impressed.
  • I’ve come up with a way to make sure I learn to drink new drinks. Every time I go have a drink with some one, that person gets to decide what I’ll be drinking. It seems to work.
  • Practicing my singing on the way home. Out loud. On the street. Goodbye, my dear comfort zone.
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